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BizVid Communications is a San Diego based video production company owned by Bill Gruber and Caz Taylor. Together we have over 50 years of video production experience and we like to blog about video production, marketing and business.

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Own Your Web Niche

March 13th, 2012

BizVid's SBA Radio Spotlight on Author Stephanie Chandler

San Diego Video Production Company, BizVid Communications produces a weekly SBA Radio broadcast. A recent guest and topic seemed like a good blog topic. Meet author and entrepreneur Stephanie Chandler as she discusses her book’s content. It’s entitled “Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business” (Authority Publishing, February 2012).



After leaving behind a career in the Silicon Valley in 2003, Stephanie began leveraging the internet to build her business. Her website has grown steadily over the years thanks to practical marketing strategies. She doesn’t believe in hype or hard selling, and instead focuses on marketing great content with authenticity.

In the SBA Radio interview Stephanie discusses-

  • The importance of cultivating a community to build your audience—and why many business owners miss this opportunity
  • Simple steps to optimize your website yourself (yes, really!)
  • Why a blog is essential and how to develop and promote yours

Stephanie is the author of several books including LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business and From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products. Stephanie decided early on to avoid internet marketing tactics that didn’t pass her internal “gut test” and despite her refusal to comply with the masses, she has built several successful businesses, is a frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Wired magazine, BusinessWeek, and many others. She is currently a blogger for Forbes and can be reached via several of her business and book websites, or on Twitter.

Hear the complete interview at these two links. SBA Radio broadcasts live on Thursdays from wsRadio, the worldwide leader in internet talk. BizVid Communications has been producing this show for over two years.  It is part of our vision to help small businesses succeed.

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Finding Blog Topics

September 6th, 2011

Your San Diego video production company, BizVid Communications understands the challenges in writing attention-grabbing and frequent blogs. As such, we thought it was a good idea to give you a few general categories from which to construct your future writings.

Let’s start by determining a blog’s purpose. Some may write blogs to provide information, others to optimize search engine visibility. You’ll notice that in this and all other BizVid blogs, we begin with the phrase “San Diego video production company.”  When search engines identify a consistent phrase in your internet verbiage, that frequency aids in higher placement for web searchers.

Regardless, finding a juicy, relevant topic is invaluable to a blog’s success. We feel that “how-to” blogs can draw a targeted readership. Another approach may be creating a blog spotlight, featuring people and/or topics of interest.

Promotional blogs in which one presents the values of a product or service are good, as long as they are kept from becoming too self-serving.

Many create blogs as extensions of their hobbies or occupations. Some offer a chronology of what the writer did that day, week, month or quarter.

Perhaps the categories of blogs from which BizVid writes will be helpful. Generally, we choose from the following:  How To, Production, Everyday Tips, BizVid News, Marketing and Uncategorized.

Any or all of these approaches can provide commanding blog fodder, but whatever the topic, keep the content concise and the words to a minimum. Search engine experts feel that a blog in the neighborhood of 300 words is optimum. As a marketer, my own rule of thumb is to keep it simple. The tendency is to overdo, but the challenge is saying the same thing with fewer words.

Since I’m approaching my self-imposed word limit here, I’ll close and hope your blogs can benefit.

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