Every once in awhile, you may have the need to actually grab a YouTube video and keep it (for whatever reason) on your own hard drive. You may also have a need to edit it or further manipulate it, if you have simple editing software.

Not long ago, we discovered a cool and free application software called KeepVid

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Free app for grabbing and saving YouTube Videos


As well as YouTube, it will also let you download and save videos directly from Google, Metacafe, Putfile and more. The directions are simple. Just cut and paste the actual URL link in the window provided. You will then be asked to click the download button in the same window. Beneath, you’ll be asked to select the quality of your download These may include High Def, and Standard Def in high, medium and low qualities. Often, you can also download in FLV or MP3 or MP4 formats. If you want the convenience of transferring back and forth to several other formats, I use the AVS Video Converter on my home computer.