Activating Your Business Miracle
By BizVid Communications partner Caz Taylor

Does your business need a miracle of “biblical proportions” to survive and even thrive in challenging times?  If so, here are four insights that are true and proven, whether you embrace those “biblical” principles or not.

Faith- It is very likely that some type of “faith” has gotten your business to where you are right now. For our definition of “faith,” let me use the idea of having an inner confidence that your original business plan was valid. Those steps that you originally took for licensing, preparation, the development of relationships, and taking advantage of any “good fortune” along the way need to be more than maintained, rather, enhanced. Your faithful company “point of view” will not only keep you stirred up, but it will inspire peers and employees to foster similar attitudes. Believing in yourself and believing you can succeed when others fall back, is perhaps your greatest asset. Start displaying the attitude that a greater success than ever before is upon your doorstep.  

Persistency- Assuming your business strategy is solid, perseverance is another key. Some may tell you that the definition of insanity is expecting different results from the same actions. While this may be true in some situations, if your business idea is a good one… and you persist when others give up, then, “expecting better results” may actually define your “faith” and be your pathway to excelling when others give up too soon, or come up short.

Consistency- To fell a large oak tree with one blow from an axe would be preposterous. But the number of planks created from this one tree will strengthen your building more than a smaller tree. Let’s say that the tree’s diameter represents the extent of your desired outcome in building your business structure. The bigger the tree, the bigger your potential success. The consistency of your well-delivered swings will determine the level of success in the building of your business. Some people say “go big or go home.” For our purposes, one might say to be consistent or go home. Having good intentions without consistency is fruitless.

Activation- Once you have dedicated yourself to the three previous steps (faith, persistency and consistency), it is time to look into the mirror. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to go where no one has gone before? Am I willing to solve customer or client needs where others have languished or fell by the wayside?  If the answer is yes… than, it is time to activate your company into higher, deeper and more profound ways than ever before.

In summary, pandemics and governmental restraints have caused many to abandon their hopes for great success. While the pathway is strewn with business failures, this actually poses a unique benefit for companies and visions like yours. Has there ever been a better time to forge forward when many of your competitors have walked away? As a video producer, BizVid Communications has employed this same strategy. If we can help you in your further activation, great. Regardless, join us as we stroll into our greatest futures ever.