When the rules and regulations for running your businesses seem topsy-turvy and out of your control, I offer the following advice:

Don’t abandon your innovation.

Through the years, BizVid Communications has partnered with businesses of all sizes. We don’t focus on the businesses as much as we focus on the individuals that have inspired the businesses. We use video to help businesses personify their character. The resulting video delivers those insights to a public in need of that business’s services or benefits.

As a company owner or manager, much of your own character has been embedded in the strategies which have made your business successful. During times of stress, employee anxieties, or faltering finances, you may feel a tendency to abandon your good business sense. You may feel a desire to acquiesce to people who know very little about your industry, and even less about you.

Don’t abandon your anchors.

During troubled times, we at BizVid are impressed by companies who place great emphasis on the well-being of their employees. Often, your employees are the people who helped your business become a success in the first place. Faithful employees are the metaphorical anchors of your successful business. Employers who make modest-yet-heartfelt efforts to lessen the suffering of their employees will likely discover that such efforts are the best possible investment.

Don’t abandon your innovation.

We are heartened to observe restaurants and the innovative work-arounds that they devise in order to continue serving their patrons. Food deliveries, catering, take-outs, plastic booth dividers, and the development of sidewalk tabling are all examples of “how to make the best situation out of the worst restraints”. In his writings entitled “Republic,” the Greek philosopher, Plato, observed that “necessity is the mother of invention.”

As a business owner, take note of what happens when you depend on the anchors who surround you. Your employees are likely to be a stabilizing force, and they may even inspire more innovations that steer your business from “surviving” into “thriving”. In so doing, you can and will redefine your industry and succeed like none other.