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North County Area, BizVid Communications Video Production San Diego

North County Area, BizVid Communications Video Production San DiegoNorth County San Diego is one of the fastest growing and most prolific sections in the entire county.  Corporations, industries, and sports heavily populate this Southern California area.  Perhaps the middle point of the north county is Carlsbad, California.  Carlsbad is where BizVid Communications has strategically located our post production suites and most of our in-studio work originates from within North County.  BizVid’s production services are frequently used by Carlsbad businesses and the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce itself.

Because San Diego’s North County is close to Orange County and Los Angeles, many high profile corporations and entrepreneurial start-ups reside here.  Bizvid Communications has provided many new companies with videos to introduce their services and benefits to an awaiting market.  Many pharmaceuticals and other medical companies find their homes here, as well.

One of Bizvid’s areas of excellence can be found in the video production of health industry and beauty videos.  These include everything from informational videos for local hospitals and clinics, to patient or medical staff training productions.  Bizvid is also the producer of Bristol-Myers Squibb and Revlon videos, produced within North County San Diego. With many world-class golf courses nearby, along with other recreational facilities within the area, Bizvid often partners with sports-related clients. North County’s plush landscapes lend themselves to beautiful video backdrops.

It is said that San Diego is a military town. Perhaps one of the most significant military hubs within all of San Diego County is found in North County’s Oceanside area, the site of Camp Pendleton.  With the proliferation of Navy families in the community, many companies have arisen to service this population. Bizvid’s efforts often include videos to help veterans and businesses owned by veterans. 

Military families also provide an important demographic for nearby entertainment parks, such as Legoland, the Wild Animal Park, nearby Seaworld and the San Diego Zoo.  Bizvid is the producer for the popular Shamu’s Christmas video on display over the Christmas season at the nearby water park.

In summary, if you are a company that resides in North County San Diego, or do business  there, Bizvid Communications will be your very worthwhile video partner. 

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Bizvid Communications is a proven and reliable video production company in San Diego. In business for over two decades, BizVid provides comprehensive video-production services to nearly every business discipline.

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