As a new and improved business: one who is overcoming the numerous and often unreasonable restraints, it is time to showcase what makes you so different. This blog is designed to apply some of the revelations we have recently discovered in the reconstruction of BizVid Communications’ comprehensive, new website. Better to learn your lessons from our experience, instead of shouldering them yourself.

  1. There are lots of do-it-yourself web design opportunities. Forget about it. Go with some pros. While BizVid spends a lot of our blog contents helping business who have not yet decided to use our professional services, ultimately, we hope they give us a try to bring their videos the level of professionalism that only professionals can offer. “Professionals offer professionalism”…a novel thought.

When working with video professionals, the same is true with professional website developers. Find someone trustworthy and work closely with those developers to get materials to them in timely manners. Agree upon a timeline and keep them accountable to meeting those deadlines. But, most importantly, keep the communications going.

  1. Next, be sure your new website conveys the intended message. It must crystalize your CHARACTER, beyond just showcasing what you do. Carefully think through the content, the text and the media. Nobody can voice this better than you can. If your web developer can distill your character within the pages of your website, prospects will begin to comprehend why you are still around and why you should have their trust more than other snappy, techy websites out there.
  1. Don’t be afraid to edit yourself and trim the “fat” from the material keeping only the “sizzle.” Visitors will not read long paragraphs. One of our favorite quotes about this, I think, comes from Benjamin Franklin saying, “I apologize for the length of my letter. If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter letter. Take the time to parse your wisdom briefly. Your web people can really help with this.
  1. Use video where possible. Stats show that video engages the visitor longer than a site without video. (And, no, we are not just saying this because we are videographers.) If a picture paints a thousand words, a well-designed video can paint a billion.
  1. Finally, design a site that is easy to navigate.  Your professional web designer can facilitate this. If you have trusted them to begin the work, trust them to complete this vital element. They will design your layout and flow so that content which is important to your visitor is accessible first. This is not necessarily what you think is most important. Unless they are really, really powerful, save those pictures that you love, especially if they are slightly out of focus or poorly staged away from the heavily trafficked areas. If visitors cannot easily find and be compelled by your “vitals,” they’re off to your competitor.

We hope this information is helpful to you. And, without being self-serving, take a closer look at our website. Note the brevity and flow. Above all, we trust that you will get a sense of the CHARACTER behind the words and website. You can do this.