BizVid Communications, your video production leader in San Diego, in California, and in the nation, will begin our monthly blog with a little nostalgia. Remember these lyrics from a famous song from long ago? “This land is your land. This land is my land- from California to the New York islands. From the redwood forests to the gulf stream waters, this land was made for you and me.” Regarding California, many indigenous businesses are asking themselves, “Am I still believing in my place of business or will I be leaving it for greener pastures?”

A growing number of companies believe that this once golden state has become somewhat tarnished from a business point of view. Taxes and regulations make basing an organization here challenging for many.

BizVid Communications is a believer.

In this blog, we will spend some time offering our point of view regarding the communities we serve. We will highlight some of the best business features and ask you to believe that what we see is a business acumen that is resilient. You will find some of these community insights within the pages of our website. Thereafter, we will offer a summary and “call-to-action” for businesses such as yours.

Why we believe in San Diego County 

With San Diego’s many beaches, mountains, and deserts, it’s understandable why businesses want to headquarters here. San Diego is also known for year-round fair weather, which is ideally suited for outdoor video productions. Various military bases make this community unique and prosperous.

Why we believe in Carlsbad 

Perhaps the highest concentration of BizVid Communications’ video production clientele are found in the San Diego beach community of Carlsbad. The coastal town of Carlsbad is a hub for biotech industries, pharmaceuticals, health and wellness facilities, and technological innovators.

Why we believe in El Cajon

El Cajon, California, is an east-county city that really knows how to get down to business.  Agriculture, real estate, and industry all live and work hard in San Diego’s sunlit suburb of El Cajon. When El Cajon businesses need video production, they know they can count on BizVid Communications.

Why we believe in Kearny Mesa & Mira Mesa

BizVid Communications loves working with the practical-minded businessmen and women of Kearny Mesa and Mira Mesa. Businesses in Kearny Mesa and Mira Mesa hire BizVid Communications to create straightforward videos targeting their consumers’ needs, providing them with practical, proven video images that get results.

Why we believe in La Jolla

BizVid video production in La Jolla can mean showing up to record video at a world-class hospital facility or at a top-ranked higher education facility. La Jolla’s natural beauty makes it a perfect backdrop for nearly any kind of video production work, including narrative fiction and lifestyle content.

Why we believe in Mission Valley

As a leading video production company in Mission Valley, BizVid can craft a video to showcase the important speakers and venues while garnering the most memorable testimonials and insights from attendees… all from the backdrop of one of the most beautiful locations in any city.

Why we believe in Poway

BizVid Communications frequently works with Poway businesses, and we love being a part of their community. The kinds of video production happening in Poway can range from presentations of a new innovation or perhaps an instructional video on the use of a product or service. 

Why we believe in Rancho Bernardo

Businesspeople in Rancho Bernardo know that video is the ideal medium to assure their company’s success, as well as their clients’ success. BizVid video productions have been used to announce startups, elevate established brands, and generate leads for companies of all kinds.

Why we believe in Downtown San Diego

The cityscape of San Diego is a magnet for high-rise businesses, artisans, and down-to-earth restaurants. BizVid Communications’ crews can often be seen right in the thick of downtown San Diego, capturing businessmen and women in their offices and conference rooms or panning through the nightlife and alluring city streets.

Why we believe in North County 

North County San Diego is one of the fastest growing and most prolific sections in the entire county. Corporations, industries and sports heavily populate this Southern California area. BizVid Communications’ post-production suites and most of our in-studio work originate from within North County.

In summary

To close this blog, BizVid will use the analogy of discovering gold in this golden state and apply it to businesses like ours, dear reader.  In the years and decades to come, we will liken a business’s success in our westerly state to “panning for gold.” The prosperity was found by many organizations right at ground level. Californians were naturally teeming with profitability. As times have gotten tougher, the businesses that were willing to dig deeper, go “underground,” and “persevere” have found and are finding deeper deposits of success here. And we believe that the best is yet to come. Believe it.