The strategy for this video was simple:  Use existing students to encourage incoming students about the culture and scholastic benefits tied to this university and its beautiful campus. CSU, San Marcos chose BizVid Communications to craft their video because of our extensive experience in inspiring commanding interviews and pulling together unforgettable visuals.

Cal Stat 1

Often, in videos such as this, non-professional on-camera talent can pose the biggest challenge.  If they are stiff and unbelievable in their deliveries, the finished video will come off stiff, as well. While cameras were being set up in the various and stunning campus locations, a great deal of time was spent behind the scenes to work with the predetermined students to make them comfortable in their testimonials.

Cal Stat 2

To bring this project together, the BizVid director and director of photography framed beautiful scenes, while the BizVid producer prepared the on-camera students, presenting the key questions about the student programs while asking them in ways that left each interviewee comfortable. In videos such as these, we take special care in bringing out the true character of each interviewee, as well as the true visual character of the surroundings.