Welcome to this Premiere Pro tutorial from BizVid Communications, a video production company based in San Diego. Today you will see how to correct an overexposed section in a video clip.

Often during post, you will find various exposure ranges within a scene. This video clip example shows a restaurant server placing a food item on a counter top. Overall, the scene is dark. To correct the exposure, I will use various Lumetri controls to adjust exposure and contrast according to the Lumetri scope.

Once the adjustments are made, hot spots emerge, specifically the counter top. However, the server looks good and is properly exposed. Not to despair because the counter top exposure can be corrected while keeping the rest of the scene in tolerance. To do so I need to duplicate the video clip.

I hold down the ALT key, then click and drag the duplicate clip up to video Track Two. Next, I will create a mask around the counter top by using the Opacity pen tool. In this example the countertop has straight edges so masking is not as difficult as it might be in other scenarios.

Next, I turn off Video Track one, select Video Track Two then use the Lumetri controls to dial in the proper exposure settings for the countertop. Once that is complete, I turn on Video Track One to fine tune the adjustments. Mission accomplished.

The scene has a balanced exposure in all quadrants and the issue is solved. Masking is great tool.