Welcome to another in a series of video tutorials produced by BizVid Communications a leader in San Diego video production.  Today I’m going to show you how to cut out a video clip so that it’s a separate element that can be moved and molded any way you see fit.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  We’ll call it a video vignette.  I’m working in Premiere Pro CC but what you will learn in this tutorial is applicable to any version.  So let’s get started.

I have already placed the clip I’m going to use on the timeline in a sequence I named “Vignette.”  Next, I to want isolate only the section of the clip that I will use in the finished video.  To do this, I will use the Premiere Pro titler which I can open one of two ways…..either go to “File” then “New” then “Title” or, on a PC use the shortcut control “T.”  Here I will name my new title “Mask” and click “OK.”  This opens the title window.  Make sure you have “Show Background Video” checked otherwise you won’t be able to see what you are masking.

Next, I position my mouse on the “Pen Tool” and click.  Now, with the tool selected, I begin to outline the area I want to isolate by clicking at each point until finished.  Now that I have the outline or cutout of the portion of the video I want to work with, I right click inside, scroll down to “Graphic Type” and click “Filled Bezier.”  When I do, it automatically fills in the area that I’ve outlined.

Next, I click the little red “X” to save the title which will, then, appear in the “Assets” pane.  Now, I’ll click and drag the title named “Mask” onto Video Track 2.  To make this work, I need the “Track Matte” effect.  So let’s get that and place it on  Video Track 1.  Now I need to tell Premiere Pro where I want that effect applied…in our case, it’s on Video Track 2.  Go to the Effects Controls window, find the “Track Matte” effect click and apply to Video Track 2.  And there is my isolated clip.  The black around it is actually transparent as you will see in a moment.  Now, to be clear, you can also do this with the Garbage Matte effect, but I haven’t found a way to apply a soft feather to the edges by doing it that way.  Here’s what I mean.  As you can see, the edges are very hard and I want them softened.  So, I’ll apply the “Gaussian Blur” effect and apply it to the “Mask” track.  At the “Effects Controls” panel to adjust the blur to my liking.

Okay…all finished and ready to use this in my video open.  To do this, I’ll create another sequence and call it “Show Open.”  I’ve already created the background and title for the show so next, I’ll drag those into the new sequence.  And now the magic.  I’m going click and drag the “Vignette” sequence onto Video Track 2, the Title on Video Track 3 and there you have it.  The “Vignette” can be positioned anywhere you want on the screen because you have full control and you have isolated only the segment you want to use.

So, I hope this is helpful as you move forward with your video editing.  Be sure to check out our other video tutorials and subscribe to our YouTube channel Also, check out our blog at BizVidCommunications.com/blog for some interesting topics.  Happy editing thanks for watching.