You have heard it said the end product should be greater than the sum of all of its individual parts. This is particularly true in every video production BizVid creates.

On an average production, the value of having high quality equipment like we do, accounts for about 20% of the value of the finished product. About 80% of the value in a client’s completed video project has everything to do with the people behind the scenes… from the producer, director and editors to the cameramen, sound technicians, lighting professionals and grips.

Key factors in keeping our pricing low and our quality high is in the way we bring in longtime, experienced crew on a per project basis. Our production teams not only know their stuff very well, but most often they know one another very well. < A client does not need prima donnas on their sets. Each of our team members looks forward to lending a helping hand to one another to benefit a client’s finished product.

Here is an example of synergy that is created… our director, producer and cameraman work in close tandem with one another giving input on camera angles and moves, along with logistics, timing and lighting. Once a conclusion is reached, the director gleans the best ideas and ramrods a cohesive and effective production.

Most taping sessions are time sensitive to meet a client’s budget parameters.  As such, each person on the crew is looking for ways to not only streamline their task, but seeking to help the other person do the same. While BizVid may have a similar crew to other competitive videographers, clients are amazed with the seamless process of a video project from start to finish.

Synergy and teamwork help in every facet of the production process from concepting, to scouting a location, to scripting, to production to editing, to the delivery of a remarkable finished video. Another element is found in the relationships between clients and the production team and video production principals. 

In fact, we encourage clients to see us as more than service providers, but more like partners, coming together on their behalf. Our great track record is most often due to the harmony in the working environment.

We hope you find this blog on the values of teamwork helpful. By combining your energy with great synergy we make the most out of every production.