El Cajon

Here is why El Cajon stands out among the cities of San Diego County.


The word “Cajon” means box and suits the geography of this remarkable city because the box-like shape of the valley which surrounds it.

But all other accolades about this locale are most assuredly out of the box. The words “livability” and “workability” are forefront in this desirable community. Having among the lowest crime rates countywide plays a big role in defining these words. Though it is only a few miles away from San Diego proper, it seems like millions when you experience the hometown family feeling, the agriculture, the commerce and social diversity. Food, yes. Multi-culture, yes. Stunning parks landscapes, yes. Amazing and profitable businesses, yes.

El Cajon is not some sleepy little “bedroom community.” It is a burgeoning environment, filled with beauty and beautiful people. Some top museums are here, including Heritage of Americas with stunning native artifacts. Also, the Commemorative Air Force Museum highlights aviation history, along with the Western Heritage Center showcasing the American West. Add to these things the majesty of Mount Helix and the Mission Trails Regional Park with over 7,000 acres of rugged beauty. The sum total of El Cajon is far more than all of these amazing individual parts. This total adds up to one of the best areas for videos, videographers and video options for businesses like yours.

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