GenMark Diagnostics is a pharmaceutical company that hired BizVid Communications to produce a “tour” video of their manufacturing complex. The resulting video will utilize an on-camera spokesperson as the “tour guide” to highlight the new facility and the activity conducted within its walls. 

As video production professionals, we work to make our presence as unobtrusive as possible so that GenMark’s workflow can continue in normal fashion. Below, you can see our cameraman framing up an exterior shot. BizVid partner, Bill Gruber, acts as director of the scene and waits for the action to finish before he calls “cut”. 

The project was shot in 4k and was a single camera shoot. Included in the assortment of gear, was a teleprompter.  From completion of videography to delivery to client was about two weeks. Everyone was happy with the finished product, which is always a prime concern for us at BizVid. This was the second project that we have produced for the company and we look forward to future productions with them.