By BizVid partner, Caz Taylor

We have been observing (and even playing a “video support” role) in the following success story for quite some time. We hope that sharing it with you will provide inspiration as you build or rebuild your business in the face of all these Covid and other business setbacks.

Introducing Brian Gruber and his remarkable “handcrafted burgers and beer” restaurant known as Notorious Burgers, located in Carlsbad, California. The restaurant’s theme is reminiscent of gangster days with the décor and food selections. The names of the menu items and the verbiage surrounding them carry an endearing irreverence connected with the “mobster” theme. “Gambino’s broken leg of lamb” and “Meatball Shmeatball” are examples of some of the menu options.

BizVid’s award-winning video producing partner Bill is Brian‘s father, so Brian is not intimidated by media in any way. Brian‘s mother is one of the finest and most creative cooks one might ever meet. Between his two parents, Brian was blessed with an overdose of creativity, media savvy and culinary anointing. Of course, many of this blog’s readers are similarly blessed with amazing capabilities. The challenge is always tapping into them effectively.

Brian has learned to parlay his culinary knowledge into profits. “During the height of Covid, we used our relationships with our vendors to be able to supply our community with fresh vegetables, discounted meats, custom sauces and hard to find beers. This helped us keep our sales up and also helped the community. This outreach kept our name front of mind for our customers, which they would in turn order takeout from us multiple times a week,” said Brian. But in addition to his relationship with vendors, Brian has also learned to similarly engage media with well-devised and inexpensive PR strategies.

So, let’s talk a bit about the use of creativity and media savvy. Combining these two elements with your own products or services, and business plans will be key ingredients to sustaining or increasing success even in these challenging times. Start with a premise similar to Brian Gruber‘s point of view. The thought is that even among a media that seems set on hyping negative things, there is an element of good news that must be included in their programming mix.  If postured correctly, you can be that good news story.

Early on, Brian has made a point of establishing personal relationships within the various media in his city and county. More than just making random phone calls or sending out a multitude of press releases, Brian has sought and continues to seek face to face acquaintances with the reporters and journalists who can pitch his “good news” (aka human interest) story to their bosses.

There is a saying that “success breeds more success.” By and large, that was true with Brian. Starting with a few captivating story lines, Brian has been able to parlay those into being a “go to guy” when human interest stories are called for.

The photograph included in the blog illustrates Brian’s creativity and media receptively. The photograph represents a story within a leading San Diego publication. Things like this (which is far better than “paid” advertising) could lead to additional follow up stories, as well as being identified as a leading voice when other stories require professional insights. As such, people like Brian (and you) can become the quotable experts on current news topics related to your business.

Time and space will not allow further inclusion of the multitude of local broadcast interviews featuring Brian and Notorious Burgers. Because of his growing friendship within the media, story angles such as how he matches his craft beers with menu items, or how he offers food during school functions or to the down and out community can carry interest for other stories or features.

Brian has also learned how to incorporate social media within his promotional platform. Use of this medium can include Facebook feeds as Brian did (with the help of his videographer father) to showcase Notorious Burgers’ outdoor dining options and cuisine in the midst of Covid restrictions.

In closing, you should find this quote from Brian Gruber to be an encouragement for you as you seek success in the midst of challenging times. “Do whatever it takes to keep your business alive. In any situation, there is a demand for something. You have to find what the demand is, and adapt to fill it.”