If you are a small business that has defied the odds and hung in there from perhaps the most difficult business climate in recent history, congratulations. That “winter season” has passed and the promise of new life and new business opportunities is “Springing” forth this spring.

As a fellow small business, BizVid Communications is beginning to see honorable survivors like you using video more and more to remind customers or clients of your products or services and of your company’s perseverance.

A wise person once said that if something does not kill you, it can make you stronger. Since we have gone through these tough times together, allow us to reflect on lessons learned as we gear up for perhaps the greatest growth season of all time.

Lesson one. Having learned your lessons from an extremely difficult environment has positioned you for this season’s successes. Through the hard times your senses have been honed. You have learned that frivolous business practices of the past (surely you can think of a few) have minimized your successes. On the other hand, prudent regard to staying on target with a viable, sustainable business plan has allowed your survival. You have learned to benefit from the mistakes of others rather than making them yourself. As an athlete trains by putting themselves through rigorous buffeting, these contrary times have conditioned you to be a lean and fit for business.

Lesson two. Having favored your faithful employees will pay great dividends as things pick up. Your willingness to sacrifice for your employees by reducing your own profits to keep paychecks coming, along with your many other sacrifices on their behalves will not go unnoticed. Allowing flexibility in their schedules, listening to and implementing their ideas for making it through the hard times has shown them of the caliber of your character. Showing them that their success has been important to you, will mean that now, your success will be important to them. This fusion can only mean a great integrated success now and into the future.

Lesson three. Having shown resilience and innovative thinking to your customer or client base can translate into their increased patronage now. When unfair mandates and unreasonable expectations were uncompromisingly foisted upon consumers by bigger companies, your compassion and contrite attitude in their behalf showed that you were on their side. If you showed yourself as their friend in the difficult times, you will be a trusted and favored business as things open up this new season.

Lesson four.  Having weathered a stormy business climate will help you stay focused on the important things now. The business scars of your past can be invaluable reminders for similar times in the future. You’ve been there. You’ve done that. You’ve overcome. We know of a guy who defiantly slung a rock at a threatening giant and ultimately became the leader of many.

Lesson five. Having persevered will instill hopefulness and confidence to other business peers, enhancing the overall economy. Your growing success will beget an ongoing success. Your hope has conveyed hopefulness to others. Because of your past experiences, you will not take your new successes for granted. Whether you realize it or not, this confidence will be infectious (in a good way), and a community of other confident small businesses will arise around you.

Now, enjoy a great and fruitful season of success. You deserve it.