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How The Video Production Process Works

Here are the eight basic steps and your involvement:

  1. Initial meeting and information gathering. Share with us your vision and goals for the video
  2. Budget and production flow chart created for your approval.
  3. Scripting and shooting schedule created for your approval. Provide our scriptwriter with the information we need, then review and approve the script and suggested shooting schedule.
  4. Principle taping on location or in studio. We encourage our clients to be engaged during the taping & editing process. This is the fun part.
  5. Pre-edit creative consultation in preparation for video editing.
  6. Project is edited according to agreed upon script concept.
  7. Your review of edit for accuracy and suggested changes or approval.
  8. Video delivered to you as agreed in a format of your choosing.

How The Video Production Process Works

Producing your video should not be a complicated task for you. We keep the process simple. We are your production company, but this is your production. Your input and step-by-step approval is essential to ensure that we deliver what you want, on time and within budget.

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