Welcome to another video tutorial from BizVid Communications a leader in video production for businesses, industry and health.  Today I’m going to show you how to put a border around a video clip and make it whatever size and color you want. 

First, scale the clip to 75%. Look for the “rectangle tool”, which is found in the dropdown box of the “pen tool”.  Next, click and drag to make a box around the clip that is larger than the clip itself.  This creates a graphic similar to text a graphic. 

Then, extend it to the length of the video clip.  Now, drag the video clip above the graphic and here’s the border… but we’re not done.  Next, select the video clip, then go to the motion controls “position” numbers to center the clip on the graphic.  This still needs work. 

For this I will use “scale” but must uncheck the “uniform scale” box.  Now I can manipulate the height and width independently.  First, be sure that the graphics clip is selected then; begin to adjust the scale and height settings to your preference.  To finesse, select the video clip and move to your desired position.

I will show you how to lock the two together but first, I want to change the color of the border.  Select the border, double click the “fill” box and change the color. To nest, select both clips, right-click, then “nest.”  It is now one clip and can be manipulated any way you want.  

And there you have it…simple and effective.