BizVid Communications is a premiere video production company, so creating blogs are important for keeping our name and brand visible. Further, systematic blogs provide important information regarding one’s product or service. Such communications help with rankings on social media. These are very likely good reasons for companies like yours to do the same.

Regarding the selection of blog topics, we are reminded of the strategies behind one of the most popular and highly rated television programs ever. Jerry Seinfeld’s self-titled show, Seinfeld, was touted as a series about absolutely nothing. Even “nothing” can be something if it’s properly packaged. Indeed, there is nothing like it.

Video camera and green screen with two camera operators in San Diego hotel

Keeping in mind the main objective of “name and brand appreciation/ recognition”, any blog topic which commands a reader’s attention can do the job. Also it is helpful to understand the media parameters into which your blog will be placed. For our purposes, the length of a blog should probably be around 600 words. That is enough to command attention, while not discouraging a person who does not enjoy reading. A person’s love of reading is not usually a factor in the purchasing of a product. So keeping things short and sweet is always a wise decision. What’s more, that 600-word length seems to be typical for popular blogs around the Internet.

Some believe that having a catchy photograph also helps in the blog presentation. Because of copyright laws, it is unwise to grab just anything off the internet and use that as your blog post’s graphic support. Who wants to get a threatening letter in the mail? This may not be worth the risk. Today’s cell phones offer such high resolution photography that you can click your own photo that illustrates your topic fairly easily. As a video producer, we have access to stock photography and video which allows us to search out appealing visuals within our existing usage contracts. Perks of the trade.

Regarding blog presentation style and tone, it is advisable to simply “be who you are” in your communications. The “real you” will be more believable and more able to properly communicate your message than putting on a false persona. That said, Bizvid Communications is responsible for portraying the products, services, benefits, and personality of our clients.

In video production world, we often assume the character of our clients more than our own character.  Over the years we have learned to do this quite well. In fact, we love helping our clients put their best foot forward. Even so, our own personality is never completely lost in the equation. We enjoy taking our clients’ thoughts and streamlining them into impactful and concise messages.

Then, there are times when you have said all you wanted to say, but the format requires you to provide more words than you feel comfortable generating. For example, if you are creating a blog like this one, and you have only 489 words written, but need to get to 600 words.

In such instances, it may be advisable to apply the art of summarization. It is proven that a person’s ability to comprehend something is enhanced when a presenter reframes the original precept, using fewer words. Repetition can be a communicator’s best friend. 

Remember, periodic blogs are very important for branding and name recognition.  Pick topics that will command attention for your target audience which you feel comfortable communicating about. Be aware of recommended blog lengths and other restrictions. And, use photography or graphics as part of your blog whenever possible. Well, my 600 words are completed, as is this blog message. Thank you for joining us for this informative blog.