Welcome to another Premiere Pro video tutorial presented by BizVid Communications, a leading producer of videos for business.  This tutorial is designed to teach you the basics of applying a “wipe” effect to your video project.   The “wipe” is just one of many ways to make a transition from one scene to the next.

So let’s get started.  The first item of business is to drop two video clips onto the time line which I have already done.  Next, I want to re-arrange the clips by placing the outgoing clip above the in-coming clip. That’s because the bottom clip will be revealed as the “wipe” progresses over time from start to finish. You’ll see what I’m talking about in a minute.  So let me separate them.

The distance at which I separate the two clips is determined by how long I want my “wipe” effect to be.   For our purpose today, I am going to create a 1-second “wipe.”   As you know, 1-second in video time is 30 frames.  So let me position my mouse at the end of the top clip and back arrow 30-frames.  Next, I’ll click and drag the bottom clip to where the CTI, current time indicator is.  I do this so that as the “wipe” progresses, so will the revealing of the bottom clip.  Okay, I’ll leave the CTI where it is and go to the Effects pane where I’ll find the “wipe” transition.

As you can see, there are many options in this section so we’ll scroll down to “Transitions” and click.  Here we have five options to choose from.  For our purposes today, I’ll choose the “Linear Wipe.”  So, I position my mouse on “Linear Wipe” and click, drag and drop it onto video track 2.  When I do that, the “Linear Wipe” transition appears in the Effects Controls window….and here’s were we do our magic.  The next item of business is to set the key frame at the point where I want the wipe to begin.  And, since I have left my CTI 30 frames from the end of the clip on video 2, I’ll click the little stop watch icon to set the first key frame which is at 0%.  When completed,the transition will go from 0% to 100%.  Next, I want to set the end key frame so I move the CTI back to the end of the clip, which is 30 frames.  Once the CTI is in place, I position my mouse on the percentage and click and drag it to 100%.  That means that over the period of 30-frames, the transition will go from 0% to 100% thus completing the move.
Watch and see what I mean.  Now, if you want to soften the edge of the wipe, simply place your mouse on “Feather” and adjust accordingly.  If you want to change the wipe angle, you can do so like this. I hope this tutorial has been helpful.  If you would like to see more tutorials, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel or visit our blog at BizVidCommunications.com/blog.  Thanks for watching.