Welcome to another in a series of Adobe Premiere Pro video tutorials produced by BizVid Communications, a leader in San Diego video production services for business and industry.  Today you will learn how to create a title using Adobe Premiere Pro.

First, access the type tool by selecting the keyboard shortcut, “control T” on the keyboard.  After accessing the type too, a window is opened in the program monitor and that’s where you can type any text.  You can also access the type tool by selecting it in the tool bin, then click inside the monitor. Double click the box and type your information. Next, place the text where you want it by clicking the text and dragging it into position. 

Now we’re going to add a background behind the text.  In the tool box, select the dropdown in order to access the rectangle.  Next, click and drag the rectangle around the text. Let’s click the“graphics” tab in order to open the Essential Graphics window, which is the place where all text editing happens. 

In the right column, there are two tabs; select the “edit” tab.  This is where all any changes can be made.  Let’s start with the text by clicking and dragging the text layer above the shape layer.  Once done, the text can be edited in a variety of ways: changing font, color, size, kerning, or whatever.  For this demo, we’ll use the Gotham font and add a drop shadow to the text.

To change the color of the shape, double click the “fill” box in order to open the color palette.  We’ll add a second shape to our example, in order to give it a little more visual interest. Return to the rectangle and click and drag around the text.

Once everything looks good, we’ll “pin” everything together so that noting moves independently.  Once everything is “pinned”, we can add more text without having to rebuild all of the boxes.

If you wish to align and transform this box, go back to the “Editing” mode and locate the title.  If you want to create another text graphic that features the same design but with different text, simply hold the “Alt” key down, then click and drag the box to a different location.  After you’ve moved the box to a new location, you can then change the text. 

Unlike earlier versions of Adobe Premiere Pro (versions prior to 2019), the changing of words in one text box will not affect any other text box.  Additionally, when you create any text, you only find them on the time line; they will not be in the Project section.  

Now you should have a great title for your Adobe Premiere Pro project. If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment here or on our YouTube channel.