Life with blooper Bill

As the San Diego video production leader, Bizvid Communications understands the problems and benefits attached to bloopers. Yes, they are more common than one might expect. This is true even with the professionals, so amateurs take heart.  There’s a way to turn lemons into lemonade, and in these cases, hams into hambone soup. Partner Bill Gruber is one of the most polished pros you’ll find in the industry. Even so, this ten-Emmy-award-winner has his moments. Leave it to his partner Caz to seize the moment and not pass up the opportunity to make fun. Here’s a blooper example from a recent Bizvid blog attempt, where Bill planned to instruct viewers on the nuances of post-production.



As some may remember from decades past, the cutting edge “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In” television show realized the value of bloopers, as they included them as part of their program’s content.  One way they become cutting edge was by not cutting mistakes. They left them in as part of the comedic content. While video clients may not go that far, we can learn a valuable lesson from this.

Enjoy your bloopers and use them to ease tensions and make the entire production process flow smoothly. Don’t freak out and scream and yell. That makes for more mistakes.

So, the next you’re engaged in a production of some sort, keep your mobile phone video camera handy. There’s no telling when a golden opportunity may rear its comedic head.  While the original product or topic (which was of utmost importance at the time) may become irrelevant to the laughs you can recall and recount time after time. Also, remember there are a growing number of programs that seek this stuff. America’s Funniest Videos with Tom Bergeron comes to mind.

As a jingle open to a ground breaking television show from many years ago stated- “Hocus pocus, you’re in focus. It’s your lucky day. SMILE, you’re on Candid Camera.”