Today I’m going to show you how to use Adobe Audition to create a seamless music track customized to whatever length you want.

Before I discovered the technique I’m about to show you, I used to waste a lot of time trying to get a seamless loop of music: I’d lay the music track in the time line, cut it in half, drag the ending to the end of the video, then drag the left side back to the cut, add a cross dissolve and hope it sounded seamless.  If not, I would play around with it until it worked. All of that process took a lot of guesswork and time. Thankfully, there’s a much easier way.

In this example, it’s worth pointing out that I subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud so my versions of Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition are up to date.

In the video embedded above, I have a talking-head segment that is 3:49 long, but my music cut is only two minutes thirteen second. If I played the existing music track under that video clip, the music would stop well before the video did, and that’s distracting to the person viewing the video. Let’s make our audio track match the length of our video clip  

First, determine the length of your project.  In my case, my project 3:49 so that’s the length of time I need my music to be but the track I have is only 2:13.  So let’s make a seamless loop timed to 3:49. Next, go to “Edit” and scroll to “Edit in Adobe Audition” and click “Sequence.”  Next, name it what you want.  I’ll name this “Loop Track” then click “OK.”  That opens Adobe Audition and imports the audio tracks from your Premier Pro project.

Next, I’ll create a new multitrack session.  So, go to “file > new > multitrack session” and click.  I’ll name it “music loop track” and click “ok.”  Next, in the “files” section, find the music track and drag it into track one of the multitrack session.  Next, go to the “properties” tab on the left side.  If it’s not visible, go to “Windows” and click “properties.  In the “properties” window is “Remix.”  Click “enable remix” and that will take a few seconds to remix the track.  Now we create the magic.

Here you’re going to change the target duration to whatever you want the new length of your music track to be.  My project is 3:49 minutes long so I will change the duration of the music track to 3:49.  Next, click enter and it will seamlessly loop the track to your desired length.   To see where audition made the cuts, you can zoom in to see the little razor lines.  Beautiful.

Next go to “file > export > export to Adobe Premiere Pro”. Click “export” and next it will open your project, where you will click “ok” for a new audio track and it will bring your seamless, looped audio track into the project for your use.  How easy and convenient is that?!

By the way, if you have other projects you are working on an you want to use the same music track, you can leave Adobe Audition open and change the duration time to meet the needs of the new project.  So there you have it.  I hope this tutorial has been helpful.  Please visit our website to see the type of work we do.  Thanks for watching.