With national confidence at an all-time low, it is time to remember what America is and who Americans are. We are leaders of the world. This leadership was not built on great businesses or institutions first, but this greatness comes as a result of the quality of the people working in them and through them.

This is the season to more than just remember our independence and uniqueness, but to live it day by day, in every way, during work and play.

No matter from what country your ancestors have hailed, by living and working here, you have made your heritage an important part of the American “can-do” spirit.

When thinking about America’s uniqueness and leadership, one of the saddest discoveries we have made was finding a handful of American flags to display, only to discover that they were made in foreign countries.


America is most assuredly at a crossroad. We have been at similar junctions in our past. Perhaps not as urgent as now, but, for this blog, BizVid Communications thought it was a good idea to lift you and your business up by revisiting some of these inspirational successes. As your award-winning video production leader, that is part of what we do.

During this blog we will revisit some higher profile and little-known success stories. We do this for the purpose of inspiring you to greater heights and further reaches in your own business and personal life.


Some of the following excerpts were taken from Visapro.com technology services.

The concept of the American Dream has long been a fixture in American society. Rags to riches success stories from individuals like the American born icon Henry Ford, to the Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie, have cemented the distinctly American value that the hard work of an individual transcends cultural and economic barriers. The country prides itself on its merit-based metric of success which allows people from any background to thrive in American society.

Yet in the current political climate, it can be difficult to muster up the same faith in the American Dream- especially for immigrants. Rest assured, the rhetoric of the current administration is no match for ambition of the legitimate immigrants with a strong work ethic and even stronger ideas. Here are some incredible modern immigrant success stories that honor us during these Independence Days.

Do Won Chang was born on March 20th, 1954, in post war South Korea. In 1981, Chang moved to California with his wife, Jin Sook Chang, with a small amount of money and big dreams. Chang and his wife worked hard for their success, with Chang working as many as three jobs at once to sustain the couple and start a savings fund. He noticed that many of the customers he serviced at his job as a gas station attendant were wealthy members of the garment industry. This inspired Chang to use the savings that he and his wife had collected during their years working in the United States, and in 1984, just three short years after their arrival in the U.S., Chang and his wife opened a clothing store in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

They called the store Fashion 21. It was an instant success, and they quickly expanded their business over the next few years, rebranding the chain to give it the household name of Forever 21. They added new stores across the state, nation and eventually, the globe. This incredible success culminated in the creation of a clothing empire which, in 2015, boasted 600 individual locations and 30,000 employees. The most recent statistics available for the company from 2017 boast the impressive figure of $3.4 billion in annual revenue.


This story showcases another US immigrant success. Indra Nooyi was born in Madras (present day Chennai), Tamil Nadu, India. While in India, Nooyi completed secondary schooling with exceptionally high marks and went on to earn an impressive three bachelor’s degrees in physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from the Madras Christian College of the University of Madras in 1974. In 1976, she earned an additional Post Graduate Programmer Diploma form the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta. Her hard work in school paid off, and in 1978, Nooyi was admitted to the prestigious Yale School of Management, where she would complete her master’s degree in Private and Public Management.

Nooyi’s impressive academic and work resume quickly attracted the attention of employers, and in 1980, she was hired by Boston Consulting Group. She held a strategy position at Motorola, as well as a product management position at Johnson and Johnson. In 1994, she was brought on to the Pepsi Co team where she rapidly climbed the ranks until she was named president and CEO in 2001. Nooyi’s success in the position has led to numerous awards, including a consistent ranking on Forbes’s 100 Most Powerful Women, and her 2018 ranking in CEO world’s list of the World’s Best CEOs.


As the video production leader in San Diego County and beyond, BizVid Communications has done a great deal of work with the US Small Business Administration (SBA), highlighting various industry leaders throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties. While we produced a number of award videos for outstanding businesses tied to the SBA this year, there is one small business success which we would like to highlight in this blog.

Raland Camara is the current proprietor receiving the 2023 SBA Family-Owned Small Business of the Year Award. The Highland Barber Shop has been in National City, a neighboring city within San Diego County, for decades. Through the years nearly every other business has changed around them. Beyond normal attrition, many could not survive the recent business environment and closed their doors for good.

Highland Barbershop patrons have remained with this business for several generations. Customers say that they are reassured to see a familiar landmark and friendly faces on their city’s changing landscape. It gives them great comfort to have a neighborhood friend who knows them and their families, truly caring for them. According to Ralland, “My dad started this barbershop back in 1972. It’s been a big part of the community for almost 50 years! It’s a good old school barbershop with good haircuts for a great price. Since the governor took down the lockdown, we are back open for business!”


BizVid Communications hopes you realize how invaluable your own persistence and American spirit are to your surrounding communities. We join with you in honoring our independence and the red, white, and blue-blooded spirit which sets us apart. Happy independence, America.