BizVid Communications’ video expertise helped NuFace instruct clients in the proper use of their patented NuFace facial care devices. While it is always fun working with beautiful and talented people, when you combine that with truly remarkable products you have the elements for powerful “how to” productions.

As we helped to fine-tune the instructional video script, it became clear that a distinctive voice-over, tied to a beautiful, demonstrative model would enhance this production’s success. BizVid offered the client several strong female voice-over options, and a professional model/actress was selected to offer the step by step instructions.

It was decided to blend informative renderings with live action to best tell the NuFace story. Simple in-studio lighting was employed, allowing our camera to literally get up close and personal.

Some videos that BizVid directs can be assembled piece-meal, trusting the editing to tie all the scenes together. However, since the NuFace steps were progressive, many of the facial preparation stages needed to be videotaped in their real time sequence. One of the aspects that helped make this instructional video successful was the client’s intimate knowledge of the product and what angles would work best. Their intuitive input made for a successful taping session and prepared BizVid Communications for a straightforward edit session.