Caz Taylor

If a business like yours cannot afford to alienate big portions of your consumer/client base due to politics, allow a few insights which you may find helpful. This, from a video producer who doubles as a journalist.

As a member of the media, complete with a number of press credentials, I was privileged to cover events that happened in Washington DC during the first week of January 2021. Here is my business “take away.”

Unless making your stand on one political side or the other is more important than (or defined by) your consumer/client base… it is best not to indulge in that conversation, whenever possible.

In my coverage, I witnessed levels of rhetoric on both sides which could take your “Covid-challenged” business and decimate it all the more.

In fact, it may be advisable to revisit your business statement and premise. If customer service is a cornerstone, stick to that as if your company’s life depends upon it. It just may.  Typically, your clientele are not patronizing you for your political stand, but for your product or service. Or people. In fact, your bigger draw may be in that you are a “politics free zone.”

My BizVid Communications partner and I treat every client and prospect with the highest respect and integrity, regardless. We try not to get sucked into fruitless debates. In the end, cool heads and hearts will prevail and foster your greatest success.

To this end, I conducted a little experiment during my DC media coverage. Understanding that my press badges could illicit comments, even vitriol from either political side, I engaged with people from both political points of view with my press passes showing. Then, I engaged with the same kinds of people without my press clearances on display. I was the same friendly person I always am, but as soon as I allowed myself to be defined by my press badges, the receptivity was split, depending on the polarized side with which I interacted.

As a customer/consumer dependent business, the message should be quite clear. Do what your company or organization was built to do. Don’t alienate, serve. Do not proselytize or seek to change someone’s mind, promote the kind of experience or environment for which someone will desire to come back.

In this current business climate, both you and your employees should be keeping and growing your business, and not making a political stand. Here is to your great success in the midst of challenging times. If that success could use proven video approaches, you know where to look.