Welcome to another video tutorial produced by San Diego video production company, BizVid Communications.  In this video I am going to show you how to put video into text to give your titles more visual interest.   Here is an example of what I am talking about.

As you can see, the text is much more visually interesting with this video element added to it.  So let’s get started.  In the project, I have already created the bins that will keep my assets organized. Okay, next I’ll create the title by using the shortcut, “control T.”   This brings up the “new title” screen which opens in the default size of the project….1280 x 720.  I’ll name this title, “Water”  and click OK.  This launches the title window and I’m set to type the word, “Water.”  I have found that this effect works better if the letters are all caps and bold font.  So, let me highlight the font, and change it to a font called “Aaron.”  I’ll also increase the font size by clicking and dragging the font size percentage, so that it is bigger.  Now to center the title on the page using the “vertical center” and the “horizontal center.”   Done and save.

Now I’m ready to build the effect. First, I’ll drag the live action video clip that I want to appear inside the text onto the timeline placing it on video track 1.  Next, I’ll drag the title and place it over the clip on video track 2.  Okay, I’m almost there.  Next, I’ll go to the “effects” pallet and type in the words, “track matt” so that I can get to the effect quickly without having to search through everything the Premiere has to offer.  There it is.  Next, I’ll click and drag the effect onto the clip on video track 1.  Nothing happens until I tell the effect what I want it to do.  So, go to the “Effect Controls” panel, find the “Track Matt Key” click the drop down and select “video 2” telling the effect to apply itself to whatever’s on video track 2.

Okay, I have my video text sequence which I’ll keep as an isolated sequence that can be used over any background.  To put it over the gradient background, I will create another sequence.  I go to “new” then select “Sequence.”  I’ll title this “composite.”  As you can see, there are now two sequences.  The rest is simple.  Working on the “composite” sequence,  click and drag the gradient graphic into the timeline and place it on video 1.  To learn how I did this background in the Premiere titler, visit our tutorial call Creating a Gradient Background in Premiere Pro.  Next, click and drag the “title” sequence onto the timeline and place it on video 2.  And there you have it.  Very simple and yet, visually effective.  At this stage you can do more stuff to the look….adding a drop shadow for example.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this video tutorial and that what you’ve learned will help make your videos even more appealing.  Be sure to visit the Bizvid Communications blog and subscribe to the BizVid communications channel on YouTube.  See you next time.