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From concept creation to delivery of your finished piece, BizVid offers a comprehensive set of video production services. We pride ourselves on being able to provide start-to-finish video production for our clients. Whether you need engaging voiceover narration for a series of training videos or a snappy thirty-second commercial for your local business, you can be assured that BizVid will deliver exactly what you need. Take a look at some of the most popular services we offer to clients and when you’re ready, contact us for your free quote.

Services, BizVid Communications Video Production San Diego

Concept Creation

Powerful video does not require big budgets, as much as big ideas. Concepting and scripting (and sometimes storyboarding) are often essential to a memorable video. We have extensive experience in the advertising agency arena. When we write and create, our strategies incorporate more than our understanding of the targeted demographics; we dialogue with the specific person inside that demo to move hearts and actions one person at a time.

Services, BizVid Communications Video Production San Diego


As a ten Emmy Award winner, BizVid understands that we must always keep our crews well-versed in the most recent nuances of the trade. Cameras and camerawork expand as rapidly as technology expands. We know how to work all the camera angles to acquire just the right visual perspective to put our clients’ best foot forward.

Services, BizVid Communications Video Production San Diego

Video Editing

While impactful editing requires good footage to begin with, editing also demands the perfect blend of art and science. Too much of one, without enough of the other may take a viewer’s attention off your product or service and put it on an editing technique. These are the intangible values clients find when using the proven pros at BizVid.

Services, BizVid Communications Video Production San Diego

Motion Graphics

Creating commanding motion graphics is an objective skillset. Sometimes a client will come to us asking to duplicate a visual that they have seen somewhere else. Often they do not realize the complexities and costs associated with a given look. While BizVid’s motion graphics artist is often called upon by many networks to develop eye catching looks, we have learned to invest our client’s resources wisely.

Services, BizVid Communications Video Production San Diego

Voice Over

BizVid takes special care in selecting just the right voice, the right gender and the right accent and delivery to maximize the appeal of your product or service. Clients are often amazed at how reasonably priced their unique voice selection can be. We also can provide clients with numerous talent choices, and speck auditions using their own customized copy.

Services, BizVid Communications Video Production San Diego

Content Delivery

Equally important to providing a powerful video production is the proper delivery of that content. BizVid Communications is dedicated to work with our clients to provide their finished videos in a format that is appropriate to their plans to use it. We go the extra distance to be sure their finished product is properly delivered within the proper format.