Hi and welcome to another blog from BizVid Communications, a leading San Diego video production company.  You know, Facebook is a phenomenon around which millions of people gather every second, every minute, every hour and every day.  You know, it can be just as impressive resource to you as a business as well as an individual.  Now, if your company has not incorporated Facebook pages into your social media mix, perhaps you should seriously consider it.

At BizVid Communications, we update our Facebook pages frequently.  It’s a good medium to show off our recent productions, engage our clients while enticing future prospects.  Their new format allows visitors to scroll through ones entire company history.  On our Facebook pages, for example, a casual visit will take the person behind the scenes to many of our video projects.  They can even see some of our most recent work.  It’s fun for the visitor to see what it takes to make a video production come together and we use our Facebook site to make it fun for our visitors as well.

There’s an acient scripture that says, “If one can chase thousand, two can chase ten thousand.”  Well, it’s that exponential social media value that helps BizVid increase our exposure in the video production market place.  As we merge our Facebook with other social media such as YouTube, Word Press, Yelp and other venues such as our website, we get the word out.  That’s very, very important.

If you’re tied into a business and you want to increase your company’s exposure, you may want to try Facebook as a resource to help you in that cause.  By the way, I’d me remiss if I didn’t mention video as another wonderful resource to command attention and to improve your business.  That’s what we, as a San Diego video production leader do.