By BizVid Communications’ Caz Taylor

At BizVid Communications, we use blogs like this to be a voice of encouragement or information to our business friends, like you. While this is just one company’s opinion, we put it out here in case it can be an inspiration to you. Here is our thought for the day.

You may think that sometimes there are inept, or self-serving, or downright bad-intentioned people out to block your forward company’s progress at every turn. It seems that the harder you work at making your business a success, the more roadblocks. Well, do not feel alone in this. Some of your fellow business men and women feel the same. It does seem that small and the middle sized businesses have a harder job in navigating economic and governmental hurdles than the larger corporations. Especially those who have lobbying power.

We have found that if you don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by your surroundings, it will be easier to stay true to who you are and what your company was created for. In your heart of hearts, if you believe you were created to succeed, we hope the contents of this blog will help you as you “mind your own business,” literally speaking. Put simply, distractions can be your worst enemy in the pursuit of business bounty. This is especially true in these challenging times.

You are being called upon to navigate your business in what may seem to be unprecedented hostile environments. This not only impacts you, but the people around you whom you entrust for the success of your day-to-day and long-term business. Employees themselves may be a bit anxious about the restrictions put upon them these days- of viruses, shots, heightened family problems, or other seemingly unrealistic demands put upon the way you and your business function.

Through the years we have found that straightforward honesty with those around you is most helpful. It shows that you, as their leader, desire to be transparent with those beside whom you work and reassure them of your care.  If you have developed a solid relationship with those who work for you and with you, their willingness to come alongside you can be helpful in many ways. First it can empower you to move forward even though so many things seem to be slowing your progress. Secondly, it inspires employees to have that hope and confidence with you and the business, as well.  You may also find it beneficial to listen to the needs and insights of those around you. Sages say that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Perhaps the greatest workplace or product innovation can be excavated from those around you. This could turn out to be the best time ever for you and your company. Keep your mind open and see.

I have a few quotes that I use to bolster myself. Similar quotes may work for you. It doesn’t have to be biblical, necessarily, but much profound wisdom can be gleaned from people who have gone through similar challenges. A phrase that I often use to bolster my spirit and confidence, is that “joy comes in the morning.” In other words, sleep on it, and see what tomorrow looks like. You may be pleasantly surprised.