San Diego video production company, BizVid Communications, is a corporation.  Like all corporations, we are required by law to conduct an annual meeting of the Board of Directors.  What is not mandated by law is the location of that meeting.

This year, the Board of Directors, (Caz Taylor, Bill Gruber and our wives) chose to conduct this all important meeting at a location far, far away from our corporate offices in Carlsbad.  We chose the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.  Cue the palm trees, surf and trade winds.

In actuality, our selection served us well.  It gave us the chance to separate ourselves from the everyday hustle of the “big city” and to concentrate on the more important aspects of our business….goals and focus for 2012.  It also provided us the opportunity to re-energize after a very busy 2011.

We firmly believe that our professional life should be fun and exciting. We certainly find the video production business to be all that and more.  That attitude has served us well and, more importantly, has allowed us to relate to our clients in a healthy and energetic way.  They feel the love as well and this has led to repeat business.

So, doing things out of the norm, like our board meeting in Hawaii, injects a certain element into our business that results in client satisfaction.  Yes, the sacrifice was great but everybody benefits as a result.