BizVid’s “How To” video for their client, Teledyne Impulse, features a revolutionary thermal wire stripper product for preparing various gauges of wire and cable for uses in assembly of all sorts.  This informative video is captivating to the client’s users, while keeping production costs low. BizVid decided to begin the video with the use of the split screen to display the numerous applications of the patented StripAll Handheld Thermal Wire Strippers.

In this visual age, words cannot express the value of showing the uniqueness and convenience of a given product. Targeted thermal heat is the most remarkable feature of the various models of Teledyne Impulse’s thermal wire strippers. While most mechanized wire strippers are not user-friendly and may damage the wire as the insulation is cut away, the Teledyne Strippers encompass the wire with a concentrated disbursement of heat, melting the casing, while leaving the wire intact. For this video, it was crucial that we demonstrate this product’s ease of use in a clear manner. 


BizVid was able to finish the on-location portion of the video production in half of a day. The session yielded ample footage against which to edit the finished video. BizVid has found that simple “how to” videos are invaluable to clients and very easy and cost-efficient to produce while providing the client with invaluable and informative benefits to their clients.