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San Diego video production leader, BizVid Communications has helped numerous people and companies in a variety of ways so we thought it would be educational (perhaps even inspirational) to share a few of the categories of videos that will help you and your company grow big and strong. You may not have thought of all these applications or you may have a few more to add. Either way, it will be good for you to view these and be inspired to take fuller advantage of the remarkable medium that is “video”.

First up are videos intended for broadcasting purposes.  These include commercials for television, cable and the web, video webcasts, program broadcasts, documentaries, and infomercials. BizVid Communication’s own video blog posts are a great example of video webcasts.

The second category would be corporate use videos. These include corporate training videos, staff information pieces, recruiting videos, employee video newsletters, company seminars or award events and even human resources orientations. Sometimes you can use videos for productive purposes and sometimes you can just use it to present yourself as a fun place to work (which is also productive in a more subtle way).

The third and perhaps broadest category for video usage is in the area of marketing, advertising and public relations. Prospects will see and hear your message and in return, will perceive you more favorably. Often times you’ll make more friends and sell more products and services as the result of a well made marketing/PR video. Within this marketing category you’ll find videos for product introductions, investor benefits, point of sale product displays,  video emails, product or service demonstration videos, video sales brochures and even video press releases. In fact, nearly everything that can be done in print ads, phone conversations or sales presentations can be super-sized by using video.

Best of all, the delivery of your video is as close as your own computer. The internet is fast becoming the favorite and most used channel of all for delivering messages.  As you scan the variety of video uses we’ve outlined, pick a few that you haven’t thought about before, grab a few that you have… then ask BizVid to get you started.