Let me start this blog by saying, “If you are the kind of business owner that is building a self-made business and its successes must be all about you and your business acumen, this brief article is not for you.

Now, let me give credit where credit is due. The premise of this blog was inspired by one of the finest book and screenwriters in the industry. Her name is Dianne Marshall.

Many of the people that surround you within your business have superpowers. But, similar to many superheroes of the day, their above average prowess is hidden from the outside world. In fact, often, when a company owner seeks outside help, the answer to that need is within your own current ranks. They may not realize it themselves or they may be too timid or apprehensive to release “the Kraken” within.

A word of caution is called for here. As a business person, I have found that it may not be a good idea to saddle a single hero to facilitate all your business needs. There may be greater wisdom to inspire more comradery and teamwork by spreading things around.

The first step in launching into your new and improved mega successful business model may require applying a PR model you may already have in place through which you pursued new business. The only difference will be to do it internally, for your own internal benefit. As one might get to know a prospective client or customer, the business owner should get to know one’s employees beyond punching in and punching out. You should be on the lookout for superhero character traits including honesty, ingetrity, perseverance, innovative thinking, and even slight quirkiness.

For these superhero characteristics to surface, it may be a good idea to devise several project assignments and let peers assign one another to the various positions or levels of responsibility. Projects may include creating that company video, launching or designing a new service or product and so forth.

Then monitor the processes and watch what happens. You may find a wealth of talent when the job allows personal responsibility and accountability. Leaders will likely emerge with little or no prodding from you. In fact, that innovation is what you are looking for. Soon you will find the self-starters and people motivators that carry the superhero genes.

While these projects will be beneficial in themselves, the bigger payoff will be identifying the best leaders of leaders.

The next step will be identifying the various levels of support people who flourish when they come along side, while maintaining their own identities. As an aside, once you have accomplished several such projects, it may be beneficial to devise other projects and mix and match the people from previous projects.  You will discover some able to work together hand in glove… while others are a mismatch of hand and shoe. You know what I mean. As a result, you will be developing winning combinations of people to which the business of running your successful business can be accommodated.

As you build out your project teams, let them have their own input on determining the tasks with the people that have the skillsets to complete them.

Using my own BizVid partner as an example. We are both video producers. He excels on the technical side, and I excel on the “human interaction” side. We are most productive when we don’t mingle too much within the other’s prowess.

Depending, it may be a good idea for one team to compete against another team. I have discovered that stirring that competition within the team itself may prove counterproductive and may transition from team building to team demolition. Not a good idea.

Today’s businesses must function differently than when success was not shackled by hard times and imposing restrictions. Your people can and will make the difference. Let them in. The revelation may be that their innovations may reinvent success like no one has ever seen before. You and your newly forming superheroes have it within. Your wisdom will be in helping them release it. Here’s to your super success.