San Diego video production company, BizVid Communications’ latest video tutorial is designed to increase ones knowledge in the use of video key frames.  Watch the video below to follow along.

Keyframes are used in video production and motion design work to indicate a specific time where actions should occur. They can used for simple titling effects or even in complicated animation effects like those seen in the Transformers movies. In the video above, I’ve already added a title to the timeline and it is screen center.  The effect I would like to create is movement of the text from the lower left to this screen center position and, have it appear to grow in size as I do so.

To begin, I need to re-position the text from screen center to its starting point at the lower left of the frame. I position my mouse on the motion drop down arrow in the Effects Controls panel and click.  Then, I highlight the scale box so that I can type in 50%, to reduce the font size by that amount.  Next, I manipulate the position percentages by clicking and dragging each of the numbers until the text is moved to the starting location.  You will notice that when I hover the mouse over a percentage number, the cursor becomes a double sided arrow.  It is at this time that I can click and drag the numbers to alter the position of the text.  There are other ways to accomplish this but for now we’ll stick with this plan.

Once the text is positioned at its starting point, lower left and 50% smaller, I will create the beginning animation key frames.  I’ll position the mouse over the icons that look like a clock and click.  Next is to find the point in the clip where I want the effect to end the animated move.  So I’ll position the CTI, current time indicator, at that point and park it there.  Now, I’ll bring the title back to center screen and at the original 100% size using the same scale and position percentages I used to create the starting size and position.  You will notice that when I do this, the end animation key frames will generate automatically and effect will be ready to go.

To see the completed work, simply render and play.  To speed up the animation, move the end key frames closer to the beginning key frames by selecting both and dragging to the left.

Once you learn key frames, there are so many things you can accomplish with effects.