Most smartphones have CR code scanner software downloads available for free.

As a San Diego Video Production company, we’re enthralled by the potential of using QR codes to build videos to help our business friends.



I’m Caz Taylor, co-owner of BizVid Communications and thanks for joining me on this blog about using QR codes in your business. QR stands for “Quick Response” codes and they are like bar codes which contain information for smart phones which link them to websites, documents, visuals and even videos. These QR codes can be placed on posters, ads, flyers, business cards and even tv commercials. From our perspective, what a great way to have a customer use their smartphone to scan a business document and be instantly transported to a video to support the content of that document.

Your customers or prospects will be able to scan your customized QR code from their smartphone. They can find many free barcode scanning apps for this. BizVid likes the “Zee-Exing” Team barcode scanner for ease of use. But there are lots out there for Apple’s iPhones and for Androids. When the code is scanned, the shapes that the red light scanner reads are translated into a coded computer-link to a web page a web graphic, or in our case a video which may be hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, for example. Here’s we’ve directed the link to a BizVid video featuring our motion graphics samples.  The original QR code could have been printed on our brochure, or flyer or poster…on anything that could be read by the scanner. You get the idea.

Right about now, you’re wondering how complicated in must be to have a QR code generated that will lead the person to your web information. Couldn’t be easier. And, it’s free. There are many websites that will create your QR code for you. BizVid likes QR Stuff dot com. We chose Youtube videos for our “data type”, included the URL link which identified our desired YouTube video, chose a color in which we want the code created…then a simple click placed it into our own computer’s download folder for us to print on any brochures, or flyers or even email attachments, and so on.

QR Codes are an innovation and a very cool tool to help small businesses expand their message using video, along with other printed materials.