As a San Diego Video production company, BizVid Communications has produced hundreds of videos over the years.  We are professionals at it.  One of the most critical tools we use in every project is the script.

Can you imagine, for example, getting into your car, putting the keys in the ignition then backing out of your driveway without the steering wheel?  Producing a video without a script is, in essence, the same thing.  Both the steering wheel and the script are designed to point you in the right direction.

So how does the script come together?  After signing the production agreement with the client, the very next item of business in the production process is the crafting of the script.  Typically we will sit with the client to glean from them as much information about thier business as we can.  Obviously we do this because they know more about their business or product than we do.

After we have picked their brain, we write the first draft.  The first draft puts the project in perspective for us and the client. The client begins to understand the flow of their project and, at this stage, can correct any errors or make any necessary additions. Then the script goes to final form and the client is asked to sign-off and approve.

At that point each segment of the script is broken into scenes and assigned an order of shooting.  (Our “Shot Sheet” blog post will explain in further detail.)  Order is brought to what could be chaos.  Shooting is orderly and all involved know the direction the production is to take and their role in it.  The script is the glue that holds the process together.