During a recent taping, BizVid partner Bill Gruber sat down with Roxanne Valanoti, National Educational Training Manager for Creative Nail Design, also known as CND.  CND has been using video as a training tool on their website and on YouTube for a number of years.  Roxanne has been the instructor on many of the videos we have produced for them and is a firm believer in the power of video on the web.

Bill:  Roxanne, let’s talk a little about CND’s involvement in web video and why you perceive it to be a valuable asset.

Roxanne:  The one thing about CND is at our core is education and we believe that you can’t educate what you don’t innovate. So video gives us a great staging ground to bring our      education classes  to the professional and non-professional right in their home.  We’ve produced over two dozen sets of videos on technique, styles, trends, fashion, and it really helps to have the internet bring it right to the nail professionals home.  Some professionals might not be able to get to a class or it might not be offered in their area, so video really does help us     reach a large amount of people.

Bill:  And the videos are detailed enough that they really do train, correct?

Roxanne:  Absolutely and that’s the great thing about video, you can stop, you can pause, and you can watch each step over and over again.

Bill:   What kind of feedback to get?

Roxanne: Of course with YouTube you can measure how many views you get, but nail professionals love it and they want more and more videos.  They don’t want to sit in a class environment anymore.  With technology today, they want it now and they want it fast.

Bill: Roxanne Valanoti, thanks for joining us today.