If you have no budget for producing that video for your company, you may be resorting to using your cellphone to get the message out. If so, here are some insights that you will find helpful.

If you feel the need for a video and you have no budget to accommodate it, consider this handful of tips to maximize the effectiveness of your homemade video. This will be especially valuable to you if you find yourself starring in or supervising your own cellphone productions. Here are several technical logistics to follow.

Applying scripting guidelines.
Even if you feel like you know your product or service well enough to make your presentation impromptu, it is best to at least begin by jotting down and having handy, a few script reminders. To begin with, such preparation will minimize your uncomfortable pauses to remember your next point, or filling your dialogue with words such as “uhhhh,” “ummm”, or that quick glance to the sky to call down a salient point from your memory bank. Having an easy to see, yet off camera rough script as a reference point will also force you to stick to the message, keeping your presentation down to a length that people will watch (most often, under 2 or 3 minutes would be best).

Embrace simple presentation techniques.
Envision the person with whom you are communicating and speak directly and singularly to them. The more personal you can make your presentation, the more commanding it will be. Your well-placed facial expressions and appropriate mannerisms will carry your message beyond your words. It is important not to overdo facial expressions or gestures, but finding a delicate balance between a robotic presentation and a court jester will be helpful. You may want to practice this a few times and view it back. You will be amazed at how a knowing smile, a nod of encouragement or a reassuring hand gesture can drive home your message.

Simple precautions for non-professional video presenters.
There are common mistakes that people make when crafting their own business videos. First, it will be most impactful if you keep your presentation simple. Remaining stationary, and probably seated will help you concentrate on your message. Once you become comfortable with presenting these videos, you may feel freer to move around slightly. But being overly mobile carries with it other challenges, such as the change of lighting and unforeseen sound or external motion distractions. When in doubt, sit it out. And speaking of lighting, you need to find a location that is neither too dark, nor too bright. This will be vital for people to look at you in the eyes and believe what you’re telling them.

If your business is of a formal nature and your client would benefit from your structured appearance, then business attire would be appropriate. If you sense that your viewer would be more comfortable with you dressed tasteful, yet casual, that should help dictate your wardrobe. Remember that your message will be less about you and more about making your viewer comfortable and receptive.

Another common error is the incorporation of a distracting background. If the background is more interesting than you are, your impact will be unnecessarily minimized. Further, allow several feet of separation between you and your background, particularly if it is a wall. This will eliminate distracting shadows and provide a more professional looking setting. By the way, capturing video using the horizontal format is best for traditional play back purposes.

Another important consideration will be how close you are to the camera when making your presentation. Remember that the phone camera microphone may be adequate while you are close range, but May drop off in audio quality rapidly when you move more than a foot away. Keep the phone camera and microphone close by for simple yet impactful productions.

Finally it may be advisable for you to keep the production straight forward, to avoid any need for editing. One of the novice mistakes is to have your viewer distracted by special effects or unnecessary edits.

These are a few tips for delivering winning video messages on behalf of your business. When you feel it’s time to go to another level, give us a call.