San Diego video production company, BizVid Communications, has been in business many years and is fortunate to be able to list a variety of clients who represent many different industries.  It is this aspect of our business that we enjoy very much.  And, while we at BizVid bring production expertise to the process, every video production project is a collaborative effort.

We learned a long time ago that no one person or organization can take full ownership of a video project if it is to be successful.  There are so many aspects to consider and so many things that can “fall through the cracks” if not orchestrated carefully.

In this video blog, we introduce you to Amber who talks a little about what she and her company brings to the table.  In her case, she is the liaison producer who is responsible for the crafting of the script, the hiring of agency talent, scheduling the arrival times of her company personnel and, most important, making sure the food arrives at the appointed time. A hungry crew and staff is not a good thing.

One might say, “all of this is no brainer.”  That might be an obvious answer but the fact is that it is extremely important to distribute the duties so that a smooth flow of events is guaranteed.  It is then incumbent upon BizVid to combine what the client brings to process with the skills and elements we bring to the process.  When it all works together the result is a satisfied client and a continuing business relationship.