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So what is a corporate video, and why is BizVid Communications your best production company?

By definition, typically, a corporation is a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity. A corporation is legally “a person” and recognized as such in law.

This multiplicity makes the dynamics of a corporation different than working with an individual company because there are many moving parts within the corporate structure, and most often different corporate principles will have important input for the conclusion of a video. Over the years the BizVid’s partners have worked intimately on behalf of corporations large and small. One of our two principles was a Creative and Client Service Director in several midsized advertising agencies through the years.

We have found that our sensitivity to the leadership within each one of the appropriate subdivisions of the corporation is imperative to creating the best video representation.

Different from traditional businesses, corporations have department heads that are carrying the main responsibility for that department. If a video production project touches upon products or services within one or more departments, as a video producer we find it imperative to get to know more about those specific departments as well as the leaders of those departments. Further, each leader within those departments has a team of partners helping them do their job. The more a video producer can know the structure of a corporation with the various departments tied to the contents of the desired video, the more intuitive and effective the video will be.

In the past we have found that the marketing division of a corporation will often take the lead in the development of a video product or service. While the individual directing the production within the corporation has one point of you, the most effective video incorporates the marketing point of view with the actual functional point of view of the given product or service. By showing a willingness to dig more deeply, an effective video producer, to become a top video producer here in San Diego, a city burgeoning with corporations, to become a top video producer, one must dig deeply within the corporate structure to provide the full spectrum of that desired product or service to be videotaped.


Exploring types of videos called upon within the corporate setting.

These might include corporate training videos, staff information pieces, recruiting videos, employee video newsletters, company seminars or award events and even human resources orientations.


Corporate training videos and staff information pieces.

While these videos are traditionally used for internal purposes only, an astute video producer such as BizVId Communications, can incorporate more than just factual information. Choosing the talent for these video is very important. By selecting someone within the corporation who is popular within that department, or among has many friends among the employees may be considered should be considered in some way to be part of the video. This will engage the other viewers of the video to pay closer attention to the continent when one of their favorite people is involved in some way in the visual presentation.


Now let’s briefly discuss corporate recruiting videos.

These videos may take the form of recruiting for a specific department and/or position. Other recruiting videos may be more general in nature, simply seeking overall employees (or management). If the video seeks a specific person, BizVid has learned that much of the preproduction prep should be tied to the leader(s) in the specific department in question, understanding the demographic of that department and its leadership. If the solicitation is more general in nature, BizVid finds it wise (and proactive) to understand the overall image that the corporation has developed and build the campaign or video around that image.


Corporate “newsletter videos” and/or “department newsletter” videos.

This type of video production is extremely fruitful for both the corporation and the video producer. When done well, it carries with it the need for ongoing weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at least yearly issues. When BizVid can help get corporate employees looking forward to their periodic updates, showcasing them and their friends, high morale almost always follows. Having corporate employees that love their corporation translates into success in so many ways.


Corporate seminars and award event videos and streaming.

As the leading video producer within San Diego County, BizVid Communications is often sought for out of town corporations desiring to bring their conventions to this beautiful city and county. Over the years we have become known as the “go to” video production company. One of the reasons is because of our intimate relationships with many of the hotels in convention centers with whom we partner to produce videos. Often, the topic of streaming the video contents may arise, or it may be beneficial for BizVid Communications to mention this as a “value added” element. BizVid has the experience and the resources to stream these videos to nearly any designated group. This option adds immediacy and credibility to any function. These streaming videos will carry more weight when they include produced opens and closes and possibly other features. When a client contracts with BizVid, these options should be discussed. Streaming can turn an event to an impressive broadcast.


Human resources information video production.

If you think about the topic for a human resources video, you will come up with some interesting and instructive conclusions.

As we learned earlier, different from traditional businesses, corporations have department heads that are carrying the main responsibility for that department. Since a human resources video will deal with individuals throughout a corporation, they will be subjected to different department heads who will direct their manner of transacting business within that department. These “manners of transacting business” will likely differ slightly from department to department. It is very typical in client/videographer relations that a single person is internally assigned to direct a production with the videographer. In the human resources department that designated HR person giving production directives may be overlaying their own department’s exclusive point of view into a video that should reflect the collective points of view from each department represented within that human resources video.

Now this next directive for videographers working on a human resources video can be touchy if presented without BizVid Communications’ proven delicate touch. Having brief conversations with the various department heads about their personnel within the individual departments can yield very intuitive and effective copy and video results. But, this will need the full buy in from your human resources person-in-charge of navigating the video production. BizVid Communications is an expert in such client relations. If that individual sees the videographer as an ally, then such a request will be met favorably. Essentially it will suggest to this person’s department head that your production delegate is going the “extra mile” to assure maximum video effectiveness. Everyone wins. Contrarily, if the production delegate is unsure of the videographer’s ulterior motives, everyone loses. BizVid’s corporate experience is one of the many reasons that they are counted on to not only make the most powerful videos, but to establish and keep the highest rapport between the client and the video producer.


Ways to increase a Corporate Video’s value.

As an industry leader, BizVid Communications is always looking for ways to extend the use of videos, perhaps even beyond their original intended use. We always like to keep a lookout for other ways in which a corporate video can be used above and beyond the original intentions. When a client realizes that your intention is to increase the return on investment “ROI” of a given video your value to that corporation increases exponentially.

Sometimes finished videos can be applied for a number of purposes. For example, as a part of a company’s summary, particularly in annual reports, elements of videos can be included to showcase the character of a corporation, its services, benefits, and clientele. Then, sometimes you can just use segments of a corporate video as excerpts to show employees or prospective employees that this corporation or department is a fun and productive place to work.


As you’ve been reading…

BizVid Communications is known as the leading video production company in San Diego and while you have read of our work with the many corporations, this video sample reel also reflects our work with industrial clientele.


BizVid’s INDUSTRIAL VIDEO experience.

Videos tied to Industry

Industrial videos differ from corporate videos because of the topic and also the focus.
Simply put, industrial videos are tied to the word “industry”, which, by definition, is the Economic activity of processing raw materials and the manufacture of goods in factories.

As the leading producer of videos for industries, BizVid Communications’ experience with companies that manufacture goods helps explain why industries love to use our services. In fact the whole idea of taking raw materials and transforming them into viable products is a hallmark in the character of BizVid Communications.

In fact the production of videos themselves illustrates an industrial point of view. As the leaders in industrial video production, we take the invaluable material, ideas, and client ingenuity and process them together into a video production or product that which explains what buyers, consumers, and clients really need, and why.

Southern California is fertile “industrial ground,” both in the literal sense with the assembly of products, and in a symbolic sense with the assembly of ideas. Whichever, BizVid Communications is on hand to help clients in the transformation from the idea phase into the fulfillment of that idea.

One of our best examples of working with industrial clients can be seen in our numerous videos produced on behalf of Ready America. This company is an industry leader in packaging, with an entire warehouse stocked and continually replenished with emergency food, supplies, survival clothing and equipment for consumers. Industrial endeavors include customizing the packaging, and making products available through some of the largest retail distributors in the world.

Many of BizVid’s industrial clientele understand about dealing in emergencies in more ways than one. Indeed, today’s business climate can pose emergencies of their own. As emergency food and supplies can mean life or death for an individual consumer, making prudent business decisions for industrial businesses can also mean life or death for their company. This is why BizVid Communications takes our work with the industrial clients so seriously. Perhaps this is also why our many industrial clients look to our productions to multiply sales and services even in the toughest of times.

Allow us to take one of Ready America’s products and overlay the literal benefits and the more abstract benefits on any industrial client’s behalf.

One of Ready America’s product lines presents Consumer Emergency Kits for unexpected disasters lasting up to three days. The purpose is to make every day consumers prepared for disasters at a moment’s notice.

These emergency kits provide sustenance, along with survival tools. All elements are contained within a durable backpack, including a two person tube tent.

Nutrients include water pouches, food bars, water purification tablets, and a water bottle.

First aid and hygiene elements include a first aid kit, basic hygiene kit, hand sanitizer, and safety masks, extra toothbrushes, mouth wash and toothpaste.

Emergency gear includes a power station with cell phone charger, radio, alarm, and flashlight. A folding shovel, survival knife, light sticks, survival blankets, and ponchos are also included.

While this is only a partial list of the elements included in these Emergency Kits, it will give the reader an idea of the level of preparation put forth by the industry leader, Ready America, to make a consumer equipped for emergency events. Is with the same urgency and conviction that BizVid Communications designs their customized videos to showcase Ready America’s various products and services. We take our video production as seriously as they take emergency preparedness. This dedication has resulted in long-term relationships between BizVid Communications and one of the leading industrial companies in America and beyond.

Another reason that BizVid Communications chose to highlight this emergency preparedness client, was to speak to the more abstract benefits of emergency preparedness for our industrial clientele and others.


Business survival- another type of “Emergency Preparedness”

Industrial Companies must be prepared at all times. This is why BizVid utilizes other areas of this intuitive website to speak to businesses regarding institution-wide emergency preparedness and survival techniques in these challenging times. By visiting our monthly blogs, the reader will find emergency strategies used by BizVid ourselves, along with other successful clients. Some blog titles of interest may include: “Business Person’s Declaration of Independence,” “How Small Businesses can Spring Back…,” “Building Character in your Business,” “Uncovering Your Company Superheroes,” and “Subjective vs Objective Business Decisions.”

No matter how good your products or services, if extenuating circumstances have minimized your opportunities for success a wise business will seek effective “workarounds“ to thrive when others can barely survive. As such, we invite you to visit our monthly blog links to see how others dealt with these emergency procedures successfully.


The clients represented in this sample video include:

U.S. Marine Corps, Support the Enlisted Project, Vinturi, Brandes Investment Partners, CND-Revlon, GenMark Diagnostics, Aqua Lung, and NIK Software

This short video clip displays samples of corporate and industrial leaders covering a variety of our clientele.

The U.S. Marine Corps has been a client for a number of years, as we assist them in training new recruits. Projects have included over sixty videos at one time.

Support the Enlisted Project represents an example of our heart for enlisted servicemen and women.

Vinturi has been known as an industry leader for the enhancement of wine and other spirits. Coming to a fellow industry leader was their best way to showcase this unique product line.

Brandes Investment Partners is a world renowned investment trend-setter. We received their rave reviews as we used video to usher prospective clients into their unparalleled way of making financial successes.

CND-Revlon is known world-wide as the premiere beauty resource. Over many years we have been the go-to resource for introducing uniqueness in custom nail design.

GenMark Diagnostics is a specialized company designed to improve patient care using multiplex molecular diagnostics. Our attention to detail and familiarity within this industry made us their logical choice as their video production partner.

Aqua Lung was looking for a video producer whose story-telling skills and experience with the military and professional business. We were honored to be their first choice.

NIK Software was drawn by our team’s ability to animate and highlight hard-to-understand techniques simply to introduce this innovative software.

We produce videos for nearly anyone and nearly anything. It is not big budgets, it’s big ideas. BizVidCommunications.com.


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