Internal Communications Video Production

Internal Communication

The clients represented in this demo in order of appearance are:

  1. Aqua Lung
  2. Prometheus – A Nestle Co.
  3. HALO B.I.
  4. EMRA
  5. Regenica
  6. Genoptix Medical Laboratory
  7. The Sandler Group


BizVid Communications Internal Messaging

We speak the Corporate/Industrial language of your company in unique ways, because we also speak the often disregarded language of your trusted employees. When you know a company’s employees, you know the character of the company.

We produce videos for nearly anyone and nearly anything. With BizVidCommunications.com, it is not big budgets, it’s big ideas.

Here are some insights regarding clients within this demo:

Aqua Lung was founded by underwater genius, inventor, author, and film maker, Jacques Cousteau. One variation of related products and services include military grade weaponry for the men and women protecting our freedom.

Prometheus, a Nestle Company. This is the business side of this company, who is best known for its chocolate products. In this informative video, the head of the business division offers solid company insights and directives. BizVid Communications produced this video for internal use.

HALO B.I. has created a streamlined user interface for their “rugged wear” company. For special niche-related marketing they came to a production company who understands the benefits of special products for special companies.

EMRA deals with the administration of emergency medical services. This instructive series took a light approach to series subjects. It took the pressure off the students, encouraging them to be real and transparent as they learned invaluable and lifesaving techniques.

Regencia is a company that researches and applies solutions to skin maladies. It should be clear by now that BizVid Communications specializes in medical related organizations. We know the subjects and have learned the skill of applying the special benefits of these companies to make their video productions highly successful.

Genoptix Medical needed an instructional video to communicate their technical aspects of HER2 Status, using conventional-based technology. The content of this video required clear and simple graphics and a spokesperson to make complex content understandable. They rightfully called on us for this challenging task.

The Sandler Company is an organization that takes companies and their leadership to higher levels of productivity. Their proven tools are attention to details, and intensive one-on-one interactions. Interestingly, their proven tools for success are the same tools BizVid Communications uses.


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