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Training & Media

The clients represented in this demo in order of appearance are:

  1. NuFace
  2. U.S. Marines
  3. SeaWorld
  4. UBS Financial
  5. Japonesque Cosmetics
  6. Teledyne
  7. Bristol-Myers Squibb
  8. BayAudio
  9. James Dobson

NuFace is a client that needs to illustrate how beauty is much more than skin deep. Their patented devise needed to showcase this step by step beautifying procedure. Our previous work with other internationally-known beauty clients opened the door for BizVid’s involvement with NuFace. We are pleased to say, that the results were beautiful.

U.S. Marines required in-depth instructional videos, introducing potential recruits on the many steps in becoming members of the elite Marine Corps. Over the years, they have called upon BizVid to use video to capture the extensive processes from the basic introductions to the Corps, to the multiple training procedures and locations required to tell the story. These efforts required the incorporation of many environments and many individuals, who were mostly not professional actors. This required a video producer who were total professional. It has been our pleasure to work with the Marines over a number of years.

SeaWorld Show When Shamu had a story to tell during the many on-site, live performances, it required the split second synchronization of the actions of trained sea animals with crowd-pleasing animation, captivating music and impeccable timing. BizVid was selected for the task. Our client and park visitors alike agreed. It was a big splash.

UBS Financial Investment The collective experience of BizVid principals who have won international awards for the production of financial media helped secure this client. Among the wisest investments tied to UBS, was their investment into just the right video production team.

Japonesque Cosmetics is another client that was introduced to BizVid through our extensive experience in the beauty industry. Often, their videos trained beauty professional in the use of their cosmetic line for presenting it to their own clientele. Details are important in videos like these, and we were pleased that the results showed that we were up to that task.

Teledyne Technical used video in tandem with BizVid’s production services to transform what could have been intimidating assembly instructions into a simple and step by step procedure.

Bristol-Myers Squibb needed a captivating way to introduce their new insulin delivery devise which required an important tap, tap, tap motion for activation. They were well budgeted which called for original music, a large cast of characters, choreography and complex green screen applications. Knowing of our experience in all of these, they tapped into our abilities to bring complex ideas to life.

BayAudio Many people would balk at the phrase “some assembly required.”  But this longtime client’s end users were required to do simple assembly tasks on products they would use to present their own products. To show how easy the assembly tasks were, BizVid was called upon. When the elements were clearly laid out and close ups were integrated, the simple assemblies became truly simple. Thank you for trusting us in this, BayAudio.

James Dobson from Focus on the Family When the innovator behind Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson, decided to renovate the franchise in order to revisit family matters of urgency today, BizVid was selected to introduce the gala launch. This was done at San Diego’s Skyline (mega) Church facilities, complete with custom sets, booms, multiple cameras and an auditorium filled will boisterous attendees. Many will enjoy seeing the complexities of our video production.

BizVid is often introduced to clients needing video productions tied to their company get-aways or other business meetings. Within this video you will see medical symposiums, worship and biblical seminars, informal town-hall meetings, and casting-call audition recordings. Those having a broad range of video requirements have discovered that our experience is exactly what they need. Perhaps this includes you. Contact us and find out.


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