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San Diego production company, BizVid Communications, produces videos for a company that makes a product called The Wisp. Using our most recent production as an example, our scripting illustrates three rules of good copywriting.

First, command attention.  Make  the text thought-provoking like our seemingly strange offer to “ADD strokes to a golfer’s round” and the use of a cute golf pro to grab interest.

Second, tell the product’s story. “The Wisp is a remarkable tool for clearing bunker sand from a putting surface.”

Third, reemphasize salient points with a call to action. View the video and read the script included here to see if you can pick out these three elements. It should be helpful as you write or critique scripting.



Spokesperson: As a golf pro, I’d like to help you ADD a few strokes to your game. Hi I’m the Wisp Etiquette Ambassador, Kendra Vallone.    And, with a few simple strokes of the Wisp, you can return a sand-riddled green to its original condition for golfers who follow. Wisping is a common sense etiquette for the betterment of the game. Speaking of etiquette, what about those sandy footprints from somebody’s visit to the bunker? A simple tapping of your shoes after the bunker shot takes care of that. All remaining sand can be easily Wisped away.  Wisping removes sand off the top of the putting area, dropping it in past the canopy to return the surface to its the original condition. This actually eliminates the need for the towel wipe, hat slap or the hand swipe, making them things of the past. So, use the Wisp and add a few strokes to your game, which you’ll actually love. Talk with your pro, golf superintendent of board member about the WISP system for your course. Go to the Wisp website for details.

Incorporate the three writing rules when scripting and give any product or service a greater chance for success.

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