Bill Gruber, Reading script, San Diego Video Production, ARRI light

Often times, as a San Diego video production company, we are called upon to video tape a local executive as part of a corporate presentation.  Sometimes this is referred to as a “talking head.”  Typically, this person is a skilled communicator and, with our assistance, is able to deliver their lines in a professional manner.

Over the years we have found that there are certain things we can do to make the process smooth and the executive’s life a lot easier.  Let me give you some insight as to how it is done with these six simple tips.

First, we keep the information they will share as short as possible.  The “talking head” can become boring for a viewer so the shorter the better.

Second, we prep the executive as much as possible.  This would include informing them that we might need two or three takes to get it done.  We share what the shot will look like….either a medium or close-up etc.

Third, we choose the best location for taping.  Sometimes their office is not conducive for taping…too small, for example.  So, we will opt for the conference room and add a plant or two to give it some visual interest.

Fourth, we add a little make-up.  That might mean some powder on the forehead to cut shine or the light application of lipstick.

Fifth, the director and talent do some rehearsal so that everyone is at ease and the sense of being rushed is eliminated.

And, sixth, we double check the lighting and audio to make sure the scene looks right and the voice will be understandable and the room clear of ambient noise.

If these and some other considerations are followed, taping is usually smooth and everyone is happy with the result.  More importantly, the executive is presented in a dignified manner.