Hello BizVid friends.  We wanted to present another in our series of blogs to you. This will be an informative blog, especially if you are involved in video production at all… and want to make your on-camera people look their best.

I would like to introduce to you Katie Mueller, she is one of the best make-up people we have ever worked with, and I thought it would be an opportunity to ask her a few questions. If you are a video camera aficionado, whether it is one of those little cameras on your phone or an iPad or iPhone there are some tricks of the trade that will turn your little video into a more professional looking video.

Katie, you do a lot of work not only in video, but still photography and weddings and things like that. What is the main difference that you see in make-up for video rather then still photography for weddings and things like that?

Katie Mueller:   Video preparation with make-up is a little different because of the lighting. Little things are different like the shadow underneath your brow bone. You want to make sure that that is matted (softened), because it can reflect. And if you are a male, for example, put some powder on it, because it can reflect and give a luminescent look. You don’t want that, especially males. That is, unless you are going for that look.

Another thing to be aware of when you’re dealing with anything on set or with a green screen, are the ears. The top of the ears or the inside of the ears, if those things are showing at all, you want to make sure that you powder them, and mat those out. Those are really the big things that you need to be aware of, whether you are on a video set, or a set for photography… A little more make-up is always needed, otherwise it looks a little blown out. So, even if you want a natural look, a little make-up can be beneficial. This is true even if someone does not usually wear make up… You may need makeup for your features to show up on screen. Otherwise you may look completely washed out.

Caz: So, being on camera is a little different than seeing things in living person!  A lot of the people that we are talking to here are not professional videographers, but they can carry with them powders and things like that to help?

Katie: Yes, any type of translucent powder would work. It’s really, really simple…translucent powder that can go on any skin type is actually a really good thing to have in your backpack… But avoid baby powder because it shows up poorly on the screen, or any other powder that has an undertone of the luminescent look. Just a natural translucent type powder is really good to have. Also, Chapstick is really good to have. It’s good to have these items in your back pocket and ready to go… These will really help your picture quality.

Caz: Let’s talk about those people who have those little hair “frumples”… Or that have shampooed recently and have those little frizzies… Or someone who hasn’t paid close attention to their hair when they have this little hair thing sticking out up there… What is your recommendation to the camera people about this?

Katie: For me personally, I generally carry hair wax or little spray bottle in my purse. If you happen to have that available, it’s a good idea to have it. If you do not, just a squirt bottle or some water will do. Then lightly water the hair down…you don’t want to drench their hair. Sometimes just the oil off your hands can be really helpful, though it may sound gross, it really works well for smoothing the hair out, and that really does a whole lot! Really be aware of the hair from all angles, because that is where the camera picks up. Beware of the over all look on camera.

Caz: Before we go any further, I’m going to have Katie give us a website so people can find out how to get a hold of her and find out about her amazing makeup skills.

Katie: you can actually just go to my website. You can find out for you much all you need there, all my information, or you can ask me some questions.

Caz: Katie, one of the other things, as we close here in this blog, is you not only take care of the hair and makeup…you are interested in the overall look of the person. Do you have any further comments?

Katie: Yes, make sure that you look at the person overall… And the state of how they are dressing. Umm, like this Caz… Keeping yourself buttoned-down… And properly cleaned.

Caz: Well, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, there’s our blog on make-up  (with a little personal instruction to me). Katie, thank you for joining us and for keeping everybody buttoned down as they do their own videotaping.