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If you’ve had challenges working with people much junior, or senior to you, this blog will help you be more effective in your “cogenerational” workplace.



Our weekly SBA Radio show, which highlights Small Business Administration benefits, as well as offering entrepreneurial tips, has become a resource to the business community nationwide.

As an author, speaker, and topic expert, as well as CEO of Future Sense Incorporated, our guest, Jim Finkelstein, had some great tips for both young and old.  Here are excerpts from a recent SBA Radio interview hosted by BizVid’s Caz Taylor and Ruben Garcia, District Director for the Small Business Administration.

Caz:  Describe a cogenerational workplace environment and the challenges connected with it.

Finkelstein: The boomers have the understanding of how things have worked in business. The real leverage point for them is their wisdom and experience. Contrast that with the millennials who are young, fresh, innovative and techno-smart. They have boundless enthusiasm but may not have the experience. They point at each other and say, “I don’t really understand them. We can’t get along because my way is the best way.”

Caz: Talk about these two groups’ dissonance and how you help them.

Finkelstein:  Our goal is to help them. Part of the problem is when you have people reporting to people…the other may resent the authority. Some of the characteristics of being a leader may come across a little negative.

Caz: Explain.

Finkelstein: We think it is important for the boomer to become more of a mentor and teacher.  That is as opposed to somebody who just makes statements and judgments…telling you what to do and how to do it.   Boomers need to listen more and appreciate different points of view. They need to take the time to listen and appreciate it a little more. The older boomer also needs to empower their workforce. That can be a hard one.

Ruben: Jim, give us a nugget that workers can begin working on.

Finkelstein: Collaboration, cooperation and communications of the cogenerational workers. They each must admit that they may have a long way to go, but show a willingness to work together… ages 18 to 80 through the foreseeable future.

Caz:  And here’s a website for our listeners.