Kearny Mesa & Mira Mesa Video Production

Kearny Mesa is a “table” brimming with a double portion. 

It is known for its commercial and industrial components and features local businesses including restaurants of American, Asian and other derivation, auto sales, businesses international, national, regional and local. Further, over the recent years there is a growing number of areas here, available for mixed-use purposes. In summary, Kearny Mesa is worth the attention of a growing number of business-savvy people. Might this include you?

Mira Mesa has been intimately tied to Miramar Ranch, which means “Sea View.”

In the 1950’s it was a residential area built to support the Miramar Naval Air Station. While this is still part of the history today, “affluence” is a key word which describes this burgeoning community. Here you will find favorite coffee shops, lush and plush parks and recreational areas. Visually it is appealing for the stunning views westward. In fact many find it appealing for watching the sun go down. When we say the word “many”, this not only includes the multitude of residents, but BizVid Communications’ production crews, as well. This is one more reason why we are known as your San Diego Video Production leader.

See How BizVid Can Help You

BizVid Communications has been in business for over 20 years and we’ve been hired to produce videos for every kind of industry in San Diego. Here are some video samples that represent the various types of videos we produce. Click an image to see BizVid productions for our clients around San Diego County.


Training & Media


Medical & Pharmaceutical


Corporate & Industrial


Seminars & Meetings




Internal Communication

BizVid Communications is an Emmy Award-winning video production company, and we apply the same skill-set that achieved these awards, to every project we undertake. BizVid Communications produces corporate and industrial videos, pharmaceutical and medical videos, training and explainer videos, conference, convention or meeting videos, live streaming events, TV commercials and more.

We’re your video-production resource and that’s why we’ve arranged our website to answer any questions that you may have. We’ve put together a Frequently Asked Questions page, with quick answers for commonly-asked video questions. We also create educational Video Blogs that explain useful video production techniques.

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