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Years ago, when San Diego lost a bid for hosting a national political convention, a brilliant marketer turned that lemon into lemonade, coining the phrase: “San Diego: The Un-Conventional City.”

If San Diego is an unconventional city, then Mission Valley is its unconventional business hub.  Some of the world’s largest corporations, Fortune 500’s, and other businesses of all sizes bring their own unconventional conventions to the mecca that is Mission Valley.

Businesses see Mission Valley as a hotel haven for their annual meetings. Some see it as the central springboard to golf courses, trips to Mexico, Balboa Park, the world famous San Diego Zoo, and SeaWorld.  For organizations who wish to capture their meetings on video, many know to seek the unconventional services of BizVid Communications.

Mission Valley Video Production

As a leading video production company in Mission Valley, BizVid can craft a video to showcase the important speakers and venues, while garnering the most memorable testimonials and insights from attendees… all from the backdrop of one of the most beautiful locations in any city.

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BizVid Communications has been in business for over two decades and, in that time, we’ve been hired to produce videos for every kind of industry in San Diego. Here are some video examples that represent the various types of video production we offer. Click an image to see BizVid productions for our clients around San Diego County.

From concept creation to delivery of your finished piece, BizVid offers a comprehensive set of video production services. We pride ourselves on being able to provide start-to-finish video production for our clients.

Whether you need engaging voiceover narration for a series of training videos or a snappy thirty-second commercial for your local business, you can be assured that BizVid will deliver exactly what you need.

Take a look at some of BizVid’s video production services and when you’re ready, contact us for your free quote.