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Poway, California is known for its robust business community which is continually growing and redefining itself. If businesses seek a non-traditional, country flavor, they can find it here in Poway. If an innovative, industry-friendly environment is sought, look no further.  No wonder Poway is known as “the City in the Country.”

In some ways, Poway is a business community that is difficult to define. The vast Poway Business Park is home to a large number of companies, including the headquarters of an insurance giant, an optical-product supplier and a non-traditional grocery. Light industrial, manufacturing, and distribution are some of Poway’s primary industries. 

BizVid Communications frequently works with Poway businesses, and we love being a part of their community. The kinds of video production happening in Poway can range from presentations of a new innovation, or perhaps an instructional video on the use of a product or service. 

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Poway Video Production