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San Diego Video Production Samples

BizVid Communications is a San Diego-based company serving local, regional, national and international clients. We offer comprehensive production services and have been in business for over two decades. In that time, we have worked on projects in nearly every industry and genre. Click any of the icons to see recent examples of BizVid productions.



Bill Gruber is the founder of BizVid Communications and brings over twenty-five years of video production experience into the mix. He holds a BS in Telecommunications & Film from San Diego State University and has been honored by his peers with ten Emmy’s and numerous other awards for media content produced for his clients.

Caz Taylor has worked in video production and advertising more than 30 years. Serving as vice president of creative supervision, he has developed many award-winning campaigns and productions. Those include a JD Power & Associates Award and over twelve Diamond Awards, which are the highest financial broadcasting and marketing honors, respectively.